PEP® virtually or onsite


In the early days a PEP® coach would always have to go onsite to a client’s office or production space to help them sort piles of paper into actionable decisions, cut out wasted processes and train people in effective work habits. These days piles of paper have been replaced with terabytes of information. However it still happens that clients approach us with the problem of digitizing their paper archives, which we use as a chance to also make it more efficient, so we do still often deliver PEP® training onsite. Just as common, a client may prefer the entire training program to be delivered virtually, as participants may be spread to remote sites or as we recently experience, with travel restrictions as a health precaution.

Efficiency training according to the PEP® process converts seamlessly from the physical in-person coaching style we are known for to online delivery, using your technology of choice. Whether you use MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Webex, or any other video conferencing or webinar tool, we adapt to any platform. If your company has no experience with video conferencing or webinars, we can introduce a platform that works for you and teach your employees how to use them.

Whether onsite or virtually, we ensure that the experience and quality of outcomes remains the same so that every individual gets the efficiency wins they are looking for.


working from home efficiently with PEP

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